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Civil Cases : Cases of civil nature like Suits for Injunction, Declaration, Specific Performance, Possession.  Cases like Bank Suits and cases covered under Debt Recovery Tribunals.  Also suits for Redemption of Mortgages, simplicitors suit for recovery of money and rendition of accounts. Suits under Trademark and Patents Act, Partition Suits, Suit based on Wills, Probate, Succession and all cases under Hindu and Momedian Laws are also covered under this chapter.

Criminal Cases : All cases of Abatement, Criminal Conspiracy, Offences against State, offences against Public Tranquility, contempt of Lawful Authority of Public Servant are covered.  Offences relating to Coins, Government Stamps, weights and measures are also covered under Criminal chapter.  Likewise, offences relating to public health and safety and offences affecting human body like 325, 326, Murder 302, attempt to murder 307, outraging modesty of woman 354, rape 376 are covered.  Offences against property  like - theft, extortion, robbery, dacoity, criminal breach of trust, dishonest misappropriation, receiving stolen property, cheating mischief, house trespass are covered.  Offences relating to documents and property are a) forgery 467, 468, 469 I.P.C., counter feiting seals, plates and marks, fabrication of account 477 A of I.P.C... Offences relating to marriage e.g. bigamy 494, adultery 497, cruelty 498-A.  Offences of defamation u/s 500 of I.P.C.  and offences relating to criminal intimidation are covered under the chapter criminal cases.

Matrimonial Cases : Suits for divorce, restition of conjugal rights, maintenance cases u/s 125 of Cr.P.C., cases arises out of protection to women from domestic violence act and under maintenance act are covered under matrimonial chapter. 

Case of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act : All cases of Cruelty, Maintenance, Police Protection, Custody of Children, return of Stridhan and other valuables. 

Revenue Cases and Land Acquisition : Under this Act all cases tried by Mamlatdars Court relating to the entries in mutations, sanction of layout plots, entries in the revenue record are challenged before TAhsildar, S.D.O., Collector, Commissioner, M.R.T. and High Court.  All Land Acquisition references and appeals arising out of those before High Court for enhancement of compensation are dealt under this chapter.

Consumer Court Cases and State Commission Cases : All cases relating to  disputes between consumer and trader about quality of good, weighment, price and lack of services are to be filed before District Consumer Forum and appeals arising thereof  before State and National Commission are dealt under this chapter. 

High Court Cases : All sorts of Writs, first and second appeals both Civil and Criminals, Bails, Anticipatory Bails, Public Interest Litigations etc. etc. are fought before the High Court.


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